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We Care About Our Skins, Health and Lives under the SUN.

P.O. Care (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Distributor of Skincare & cosmetic products


P.O. Care (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a distributor of cosmetic products for health care, beauty, and skin care from all over the body. It is of superior quality. effective and consumer-friendly.


Thailand is a tropical nation. In addition, there is sunlight all year round, and the sun's various UV rays cause dull skin, sunburn, and free radicals. Resulting in signs of aging, flaws, and freckles, as well as a loss of confidence, and, most seriously, skin cancer. Our company was founded with the goal of developing products that shield the skin from the sun's rays. The brand is aware of these issues. And by emphasizing Self-Love and Self-Confidence, products are always designed to boost consumer confidence. under the theme "Let the Light Shine On You"


In addition, we strive to play a role in preserving the environment. It begins with selecting packaging that is maximally recyclable. and manufacture products free of animal testing Incorporating the development of sunscreen and skin care products suitable for ocean and natural resource activities by the brand. By avoiding substances that can harm coral reefs in accordance with the Hawaii law that goes into effect in 2021, as well as by avoiding substances that conservationists predict are likely to harm coral reefs and aquatic life. Even if these are minor or small details. We are pleased and proud to see consumers use products that solve their problems and contribute to the care of the environment.


All products distributed by P.O. Care (Thailand) Co., Ltd. are manufactured in factories that are certified for production standards and internationally recognized, such as ISO9001:2015, Green Industry, and ASEAN COSMETIC GMP. On every product, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a registered number. in addition to developing original products Because we choose valuable and distinct extracts, the resulting product is distinctive.

Makes sure consumers that the product is safe and effective after use. Therefore, Thais and non-Thais alike accept it. The company will concentrate on continuously improving the quality of its products.







“ Let The Light, Shine On You”

WE Care you, environment and the world

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