P O CARE is a respectable brand of facial and body skincare products for men and women, with unique uses of natural extracts as main ingredients in all of our products. We especially put an emphasis on an extensive use of aloe vera and cold pressed coconut oil because of our highly belief in natural extracts as the mildest and most effective way to protection and nourish facial and body skin.

Thailand is a country located in tropical area with plenty of strong sunlight all year round. This is the main reason why in the year 2003, P.O.CARE (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED was founded with an interest of crafting the best skincare products with sun protections for people who live their lives in the sun all day long. First with the introduction of P O CARE Aloe Sun Block, with unique blend of aloe vera that can be applied as sun protection as it nourishes both facial and body skin. After the debut, we continued on creating more variety of facial and body skin products, with our goal of using mild natural extracts as ingredients on all of our products.

All P O CARE products are produced in our GMP-standard plant, and are registered with approvals from Food and Drug Administration. This is the reason our unique products are trusted locally and internationally for an exceptional quality. This is all about making the best and trying to exceed all the consumers’ expectation as of our philosophy “ GET BEYOND EXPECTATIONS ”.




Orange Orange means the color of the bright, cheerful, fun, friendly, intelligent and positive thinking.
White White means the integrity of honesty, good thoughts, good words, good life and happy.


Overall meaning is an organization which focuses on the distribution of good quality, safety, effectiveness products to the group of open mind people, open view of aesthetics, healthy (healthy inside and outside) with the premium services. Everyone who are in front will be impression (no complaint, there is only compliment).



  • Quality organization , Professional organization ,Executive on the main good governance, First class services


  1. Engage with business partners ,suppliers, customers and internal staff with professionalism by integrity creativity and positive thinking
  2. Create an environment-friendly society
  3. Create a good with quality, safety and effectiveness with the heart of the first class services (no compliant, there is only compliment)